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Possessed of a sweet, clear voice that merits comparisons to predecessor Nanci Griffith, Tammy Patrick released her solo debut, The White Album, in June of 2001 followed by Ignorant Bliss in 2005, Red River in 2008, and “A pRioriTy: Songs of a Bower Bird” in 2012. 2016 will see the release of Tammy’s fifth album, “Songs from the Cardinal’s Room”.

Patrick grew up on the prairies of the Midwest and drew early musical inspiration from her grandfather, who would sing Depression-era ballads. She toured and recorded with New York-based folk rockers The Dorkestra. After The Dorkestra disbanded in 1996, Tammy and several ex-members of that group formed the Bathtub Virgins, whose debut, Summertime, was released shortly afterward. The album’s corresponding film of seven music videos was shown at the New York Film Festival in 1997. The Virgins followed up with an album of blues covers called Underground.

Patrick and her partner/bass player/producer Jeff Farias moved to Phoenix in 1998 and started their own recording studio, Gecko Park, where they recorded with some of the finest Roots musicians the Southwest has to offer.

In 2014 the duo moved from the Sonoran Desert to the Chesapeake Bay region and quickly tapped into the vibrant music scene of Southern Maryland. The talented musicians there helped to steer their American Roots tendencies in a whole new musical direction.

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